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Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks

Estefania Rodriguez

t's true. Bite Beauty has completely done away with their permanent lipstick line, and replaced it with the Amuse Bouche Line. These new lipsticks are formulated with not two, not three, but twelve edible oils, various nutrients and vitamins, and fresh-pressed fruit for that intense citrus scent.

I received three of these new lipsticks for testing purposes. I.e., I did not pay for these lipsticks, nor am I being paid to review them. I received Gazpacho, Beetroot, and Pepper; a red, a berry, and a nude that are all seriously amazingly pigmented. 

The one thing I didn't like about these (okay, two things) is that:

1. The berry and red lipsticks stained my lips. HARD. As in, to the point where I ate a sandwich with the berry color on, it rubbed off on my chin, and it left a stain there that I had to cover with makeup. I ate my sandwich, got back to work, and saw my reflection in the mirror like...

The second thing I don't LOVE is the scent. It doesn't necessarily bother me, and it disappears a few minutes after you apply it, but if you are particularly sensitive to scents, you may want to try these out before you buy.

I had my mom (who is insanely sensitive to smells), try Pepper on, and she agreed that the scent is very overpowering when you first apply it. She liked nearly everything else about the lipstick, but said the scent might keep her from buying one for herself. Keep in mind she's ridiculously sensitive to scents.


In the picture above, left to right, we have Beetroot, Gazpacho, and Pepper. All of them are intensely pigmented, and the new Amuse Bouche line has plenty of colors to choose for. Now. The REAL reason y'all are here.


And that was my long winded way of saying these lipsticks are kind of great. I love the pigmentation and the formula, even if the scent gets a little overwhelming. Have you tried any of the new Amuse Bouche lipsticks?