The Makeup Feminist

MAC x 15 Neutral Warm Palette

Estefania Rodriguez

Hey, all! 

So as I'm sitting here coughing up a lung, the only thing that might cheer me up is sharing some swatches. MAC recently had their palette sale, where their x9 palettes end up being $32, and their x15 palettes are $65.

Just for reference, these x15 palettes are worth somewhere around $160, before tax. The palettes usually retail for $85, so getting them for $65 is an amazing deal.

The x 15 Neutral Warm palette has some limited edition shades, as well as some well-loved permanent shades.


The best shades in this palette are definitely the Veluxe Pearls and the Mattes, with Honey Lust coming in as the worst eyeshadow of the bunch. That's pretty much common knowledge if you've been watching YouTube for a while now (I'm talking like ten years ago YouTube). Honey Lust has not improved since then. It's still crumbly and ends up everywhere. Will try to use it wet and report back.

Aaand there ya have it. It might not be my most inspired post, possibly because I've been sick for about a week now, but at least y'all got some swatches out of this mess.

Let me know if you'd like to see looks with this palette, I might even do a post on the MAC x 15 Neutral Cool palette, which has been collecting dust in my room for a while now.