The Makeup Feminist

Why Standing Up Against Brands Matters

Estefania Rodriguez

You've all heard it before, right?

"Well, it's ONE product."

"I'm not making a difference by boycotting"

Now, if you follow me on social media, you'll know my thoughts on this topic. Basically, when it comes to taking a stand against a company, you have to learn how to pick your battles. For example, the tactics you would use to garner a response against an indie brand would not be the same ones you would want to use to call out a big, corporate, well-established brand. If you scroll through my instagram for a bit, you'll see my opinions on this on my MAC Vibe Tribe Haul. With a company as big as MAC, what matters more is publicity. Me, as a single customer among millions, cannot make a difference just by boycotting the brand. It just won't have an effect.

The only thing I regret is giving him all this money...

The only thing I regret is giving him all this money...


What I CAN do, is use my social media platforms to voice my feelings when the brand does something I feel is inappropriate (like the entire Vibe Tribe concept). Then we get what we got from MAC. An apology (pulling the collection would've been better, but it was too late in the game and gotta pick your battles, kids), and the unspoken promise that something like this is not very likely to happen again.

Now, we get to the whole reason behind this post.

You may have seen THIS video floating around, in which a beauty blogger/freelance makeup artist does a review of the Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette and his Skin Frost formula. I highly recommend you watch it first.


I'll wait.




You done? I can practically hear the teenagers yelling at me that they can just open a new tab and play the video WHILE reading my post. You win this one, youngsters.


Now, setting aside the fact that literally every single Velour Liquid Lipstick I have purchased in the last three months has smelled like paint thinner (like Drug Lord did last December), in Jeffree Star Cosmetics we have not only a brand that is inconsistent in quality, but that is owned by an individual that has proven himself to be unnecessarily abrasive, insulting, and verbally abusive not only to fellow bloggers/IG personas, but to customers.

That's right. Customers. As in, the people that make it possible for him to film a "GRWM in my ROLLS ROYCE" (I mean like, grab a form and check yourself as "extra", Jeff).

I can think of at least three girls I regularly interact with on IG that have been personally attacked by Jeffree and his minions. Now, I SAY minions not to invoke nightmares of a meme gone awry, but to accurately convey to you how blindly this person is followed. Under what other circumstances would you follow and defend someone who calls customers, colleagues, hell, even strangers by the following names:

  • Rats
  • Unemployed losers
  • Cunt
  • Bitch
  • Whore
  • Pathetic/ click bait/ 

Be real, y'all. You wouldn't let your mom meet Jeffree, because he'd embarrass you in a second. He's just not the kind of person you want to associate yourself with, just because of how nasty he can be to anyone he deems unworthy. And yet, you have LITERALLY every major beauty blogger kissing his ass on a daily basis. Nikkietutorials, KimThai, MannyMUA (who deserves his own post, tbh), Jaclyn Hill (oof), Morphe Brushes (double oof), all pimp his stuff like it's the best thing to pop into existence, and gracefully ignore all of the nasty shit he does on a daily basis.

I have many problems with Jeffree Star, the above being just ONE of them. Another that really bugs me is the fact that he never seems to do any actual work.Back when I was still buying his products, I actually had to stop watching his Snapchat story because it was literally ALL weed. Smoking weed in the morning, afternoon, late night, dawn, dusk, twilight, second breakfast, EVERY DAMN HOUR.


Now, you name me a CEO that spends that much time STONED or shopping. Nope. You know why? because being a CEO is supposed to be hard work. If you want to see what a real working person looks like, follow norvina on snapchat. That girl is always up at the crack of dawn and late at the lab, swatching, testing, developing, and promoting products. She's an actual makeup executive. Real working people don't have time to get stoned at 2 pm and then shop at Chanel for the rest of the afternoon.

Now, in case I've fooled any Jeffree fans into thinking that I am relevant, here: I don't care what people spend their money on. I won't judge you if you drop $20k on a pair of shoes (I just splurged on my dream bag, so I get it). What I DO care about is people who act like they're better than everyone else BECAUSE they can do those things. THEN have the nerve to call customers unemployed rats.

THAT'S what I have a problem with.


So to go back to my original point, here is where your boycott DOES matter. No matter how important Jeffree might THINK he is, he is still an indie brand. He operates on a relatively small scale, as far as a business plan is concerned. This is the kind of brand that should be valuing customer loyalty like it's made out of gold, and instead it's run by a man who looks down at the people who buy his products, regularly attacks women and other bloggers, and seems more concerned with what he can buy with your money than the products he gives you. I mean, why else would I suddenly start getting cat piss lipsticks? 

So I'll leave you with that. There are PLENTY of other brands that make EXACTLY what Jeffree makes, and who aren't owned by Grade-A assholes. You as a consumer deserve to be valued. You as a person deserve to be valued. There is literally no reason ANYONE should have to put up with Jeffree Star verbally assaulting them on the internet.

Leave me your thoughts below, I'd love to talk this out with you guys.