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Sephora Mignight Magic Powders...

Estefania Rodriguez

I posted a picture on my Instagram letting all of you know just HOW far behind I am on my reviews (hint: VERY), and I got several requests to review these products first.



I found these powders for $10 when I went to Vegas with my fiancé and friend. I think they're still available, and they are multipurpose powders that can be used as highlighters, eyeshadow, or body glitter. I picked up Gold, Rose Gold, and Holographic.



The main thing you need to know about these powders is that they have a mostly clear base. What I mean by this is that they don't show up as straight color like the Anastasia highlighters or the Jeffree Star highlighters, but rather as reflective shine. So it might be nearly invisible unless it's in direct light, then the gold, rose gold, and pink duochrome of the highlighters comes in.


A very big advantage to this is that it automatically applies to more skintones. Because there's no base of color, it's more likely that the shimmer will flatter deeper complexions. Gold and Rose Gold, especially, would look gorgeous on black skin. Like, shining from within amazingness. The only one that isn't universal is Holographic, which I think is a godsend to paler-than-pale skin. This one has a decidedly white base with a pink shift, which I think will make it much more wearable for people who find even Becca's Pearl to be too much.


For $10, I don't think you're likely to find more universal powders than these. Hell, even the L'Oreal highlighters are more expensive ($12-13). 


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